Dr. Kramer versus . . .

dr-dennis-kramerThere are so many alternative health care practitioners to choose from these days! Licensed, un-licensed, more mainstream or less; Acupuncturists to Voodoo witchdoctors, how do you know whom to work with? What differentiates one Homeopath from the next? How does one Naturopath differ from the others?

Although there is no perfect answer to the above questions, common sense tells us that just like finding the best therapy and therapist for your emotional health care, so too you need to find your alternative health care provider by specialty, your needs, trust and rapport. First, ask a trusted friend whom they are happy or unhappy with and ask why. Second, review credentials if they are important to you. Third, ask for a brief phone interview with the practitioner to see if you "click" together and ask questions about your primary health issues.

Remember, all good health care providers need to have your best interests as first priority. Healing is an art form as well as a science. As an art form, healing requires special talents that are blend of instinct, intuition, and knowledge. Putting this art together with a practitioner’s skills in his/her specialty provides for the foundation of effectiveness in helping people.

Review Dr. Kramer’s website, credentials, years of service, and testimonials, then if you choose to, call for an appointment to have a brief phone consultation at no charge to see if he is the healer for you.

What makes Dr. Kramer different from other practitioners?
• Understanding mind/brain/body unity developed over years as Hypnotherapist and as a Naturopath.
• Excellent intuitive skills for healing
• One of the pioneers in utilizing computerized bio-feedback analysis of the body with a computer program that is unequaled in capabilities to create a health status report of the body, since 1992.
• Working as a Naturopath since 1992 he has served thousands of satisfied clients. He works as an Integrative practitioner with dozens of M.D.s, Chiropractors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Physical Therapists, etc.
• Supplement formulator for nutritional companies for over 14 years. Developed nutritional products for national and international companies providing his clients with the best quality all-natural products available for people and pets.
• Founding President of the New Mexican Physicians of Naturopathic Medicine and currently serving as Vice President.
• Registered Hypnotherapist since 1976 with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
• Board Certified Naturopath since 2000 with the American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board, Inc.
• Registered Naturopath with the Department of Health, Government of the District of Columbia (federal).