Is anybody out there?

dr-kramer-testimonialsAfter searching for over five years for a Doctor to help figure out what was happening to me, I met Dr. Dennis Kramer. It has turned out to be both a life-saving and educational experience.

The problem I found with other practitioners (be it alternative or allopathic) was the same. First, the overwhelming amount of symptoms seemed to intimidate most physicians and the "medical merry-go-round" would begin yet again.

Dr. Kramer has the remarkable ability to get to the root of the problem quickly using his unique method as well as resolve the problems with vibrational homeopathic remedies. I, being a jaded patient, didn't buy into his methods at first, but once my primary problem was ascertained by Dr. Kramer, I found out just how powerful 'charged' remedies are and how effective.

After losing nearly five years of my life, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars, I feel deeply grateful to Dr. Kramer for helping me to get through this nightmare.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kramer. Not only for his tenacious "sleuth-like" approach at determining the causes but also for his ability to help get you better.

Yes, there is someone out there who can help, It’s Dr. Kramer

Thank you,

Brian Gianardi
Santa Fe, NM


I have not had a cold since a year ago December—this has almost never happened, that I went through a winter without a cold and sinus infection. I know it is because of your remedies. Thank you.

Jane W. from MN


I have been plagued with an intermittent cough for a number of years. Within the past 18 months, the cough intensified to the point that it was impossible for me to carry on a conversation.

Among those I sought help from, were an internist, an allergist and a pulmonary specialist. None were able to definitively determine the cause or provide a successful course of action for my problem.

While visiting Santa Fe, I was referred to Dr. Kramer. It was his suggested regimin of homeopathic remedies which miraculously "cured" my malady. I am now capable of speaking without constantly coughing and I find my general health and quality of life have been dramatically enhanced.

Saundra R.
Philadelphia, PA


I first became ill at the age of 16. I went from being a three sport athlete and honor student to being literally confined to my bed. After six years of doctor appointments, various diagnoses and only slight improvement, Dr. Dennis Kramer entered my life. It was at this time that I finally began my recovery.

Working with Dr. Kramer is so different. From the beginning, he was very honest about my long road to recovery and I finally understood what illnesses I had, what I could do to get myself well, and that I could someday be healthy again.

The most significant characteristic of working with him is the relationship we have. We work as a team and he always answers my questions, while providing me with emotional and spiritual support during difficult parts of my recovery. He also has an incredible gift which makes him so good - he has an instinct for healing.

Today, I can say that I graduated from high school, college, law school and am now a licensed attorney. I would have never achieved these things without Dr. Kramer.

Chicago, IL


For some time I had been looking for a doctor who would become a partner in helping me to achieve greater holistic health.

Upon a friends recommendation, I made an appointment with Dr. Dennis Kramer. Because of my own outstanding improvement I have happily and confidently been able to pass his name on to several friends who have made appointments for themselves and their young adult children. Remarkably, the younger patients 19-22 are following the programs designed for each with results that encourage them to keep taking their supplements and homeopathic remedies.

I actually look forward to appointments with Dr. Kramer because he is so compassionate and supportive.

Polly Fox - Energetic Essences and Elixirs
Taos, NM


Dr. Kramer has been my exclusive health care provider for over two years now. In every instance, his diagnoses were "right on the button" , and the remedies, taken exactly as directed, cleared up the conditions quickly, easily and with no side-effects whatsoever.

Some months ago, my daughter became Dr. Kramer's client as well. She was in very poor health, primarily as a result of years of bad diet. Her system was highly toxic, and at age 37, she felt terrible; she was a physical wreck and she knew it. She has in the past had immediate undesirable effects from prescription drugs and was leery of any medical treatments whatsoever. Nevertheless, given the diagnostic tools employed by Dr. Kramer and the fact that she would not be taking prescription drugs, she decided she had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Within weeks of starting her treatment, she reported feeling wonderful, saying she couldn't remember when she had felt so healthy. Seemingly without any difficulty whatever, her eating habits did a complete turnabout and she actually wanted nothing but a healthy diet in moderate amounts. Of course, she started shedding the excess weight, she was no longer feeling sluggish, and her thinking became clearer. I expect she will have regular evaluations and will stay in good health.

Other of my family members have become Dr. Kramer's clients, not because I urged it, but because they simply heard my and my daughter's reports of his abilities and how safe and effective his treatments were.

For those of us who wish to avoid invasive and sometimes dangerous diagnostics and prescription drugs, Dr. Kramer offers sound and proven alternatives. Of course, he will refer patients to allopathic physicians if his findings indicate such a need.

It has been my experience that telephone calls are returned expeditiously, and that is always reassuring. His office setting is quiet and serene; it is a pleasure not to be in noisy, crowded waiting rooms. Appointments are right on schedule, and nothing is rushed. That is the clients' time exclusively. I was impressed as well with Dr. Kramer's intuitive abilities; he seems to be most sensitive to general life's issues. This skill coupled with his abilities, give him and the patient a true "holistic."

I respect Dr. Kramer and trust him to help me stay in good health. The cost for the diagnostics and remedies are a fraction of premiums I have paid for regular group medical insurance. Santa Feans are fortunate indeed to have someone of Dr. Kramer's training, skills and abilities in their community.

Priscilla Gurule
Santa Fe, NM


I would like to thank you for all you have done to assist me in regaining my health. It's difficult to believe that only a short time ago my body was unhealthy and I actually tolerated and lived with the joint pain, exhaustion, headaches and overall discomfort daily. Not only was it making me uncomfortable physically but I was unable to take part in the daily activities I loved with my family and friends. I am so grateful you were able to find and treat the underlying problem and not simply mask the symptoms with a quick fix. With the changes in dietary habits, learning which foods I should avoid and your treatments I found myself feeling not only physically, but also emotionally better within 6 weeks. And this was after years of chronic illness had taken its toll and no other treatments worked.

Your "bedside manner" is very refreshing to say the least. I appreciate that you have always taken the time to explain things in a clear and gentle manner and most importantly that you answer my questions thoroughly. It's nice to have a practitioner who is sincere in his desire to help his clients/patients to regain their health. Thank you for helping me to understand my condition and for empowering me with a treatment protocol that allows me to take an active part in healing my body permanently.

In Gratitude,
Mansfield, TX


I am the grandmother of 5 very active kids. I have always been the most active one of the bunch. Little by little everyone noticed that I was slowing down and tired all the time. When one of my grandsons wanted to go bike riding and I had to tell him I was too tired to go today his reply broke my heart. He said "grandma you are always tired anymore." Resting was not a choice any longer it was getting to be a way of life, and not one I was ready to like or accept.

I was diagnosed with Lupus and Scleroderma several years ago. I am under the care of three different physicians. They have all told me there is no cure and really very little they can do other than pain relievers, limit stress and a good deal of rest. That is not an easy thing to do when you work in a busy office. Stress is a part of the job.

My brother who has Dermatomyositis started working with Dr. Kramer in February 2008. When I saw how much better he was doing, I sent my sample and have been on remedies for three months now. Dr. Kramer was able to determine the ones that would work best for me. After just three or four days I noticed a difference and after about a week everyone at work wanted to know what I was doing because I looked better than they had seen me in years. I can not tell you how much better I feel.

I have been going on bike rides for about two months now with my husband and grandkids. In fact my 7 year old grandson asked me to slow down because he could not keep up with me! It feels so good to be out there again. Life is good again.

Dr. Kramer is a blessing to our family. I hope to meet him and his assistant Susan one day so I can thank them in person for everything they have done for us.

Judy Anderson
Porterville, CA


I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis almost five years ago. By the time the doctors diagnosed the disease, I was barely able to walk and had severe pain in my arms and legs. I have been receiving IVIG treatments three days a month since that time which helped reduce the pain level and increased mobility.

In November of 2007 I started a downward turn and by January 2008 I had digressed to the point where I had to leave work. I could not bath or dress myself and had trouble even getting out of bed.

A friend who is a nurse for an oncologist told me the IVIG treatments I was receiving was the best treatment that traditional medicine could offer but at best could only slow down the disease process. She asked me to contact Dr. Kramer and felt confident he could help me.

I sent in my first urine sample to Dr. Kramer in February, from it he found two issues I had which the other doctors I had been seeing had not be able to find. Within a week of receiving my first remedies I was able to bath and dress myself without much difficulty. After about a month of taking the remedies I was virtually pain free and fairly mobile.

When I went to the doctor last week he gave me the blood test results. My CPK was at 103, the lowest it has been since I got this disease has been 310 and as high as 1888. Obviously, Dr. Kramer’s protocol helped me tremendously.

I had my sister (Judy Anderson) send a urine sample, she is already doing much better also.

The home health nurse that administers my IVIG treatments is really impressed with my progress over the past couple of months. Yesterday she said she has other patients that she wishes she could get me in contact with so I could pass on Dr. Kramer’s name, but the laws prohibit that. I have given your contact information to about 20 people in Atascadero who were blown away by my improvements. They have family and friends who have similar situations and want to afford them the same help.

Dr. Kramer and Susan are always available to discuss my concerns and a positive path forward. They give you a sense you are the only patient they have and they have all the time in the world for you.

Thanks to Dr. Kramer I am back to work and enjoy bicycling, canoeing, and hiking again. I have started gaining some muscle and have regained 10 of the 31 pounds I lost. I can do just about anything I want to. Prior to his remedies I simply existed, HE HAS GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK.

Thank you Dr. Kramer,
Dan Knutson
Atascadero, California


I first came to see Dr. Kramer on the recommendation of my acupuncturist because after decades of taking a daily medication my immune system was crashing. She told me that nothing would help me more than a visit to the Naturopath and she was right.

Over the next 9 months we worked together to rebuild my immune system and get me back to where I had been.  Dr. Kramer's knowledge and treatment has been key to my success and his ongoing advice and support helps me maintain my health.

In addition to this treatment, Dr. Kramer's supplements are top-notch and he has the best homeopathic allergy products I've ever used (which in New Mexico is no small thing).

Jason Goodyear
Santa Fe, NM


I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting excellent results from the drops and capsules. I haven't felt well in almost 2 years. I have my energy back. I feel like you turned the clock back about 15 years as I feel so good all over. No cold or sinus problems at all now. I'd like to stay on this stuff the rest of my life, but I guess that isn't possible. Do you have a follow-up maintenance plan?

I'm so happy. Thank you so very much.

Jane Wampach


First let me say that I admire Dr. Kramer for how much he has helped me. Wow! I told my wife not 20 minutes ago that I already feel 90% better, and it’s not just a day at a time, but always.

I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Kramer for how much his time, knowledge, intuition and treatment have helped me and my family. If he wants me to jump off a bridge I’ll do it, since he has been so right on with his treatments. I embarrassingly acknowledge that I was a Doubting Thomas when we started, but I am now very willing to listen to and follow Dennis’s treatment directives now and in the future.

Michael Cameron